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Wayward Fox

Aurora Indyana

By: Aurora Indyana

from the Comox Valley Record:

“It’s a chapter book. There are 52 chapters, including the prologue and the epilogue,” said Indyana. “It’s just over 60,000 words.

“It’s about these three foxes who are siblings, who go out and try to find themselves in what they call the wide world. When they return, they come back … kind of like ‘whole.’ They’ve had their adventure, know who they are and can enjoy their home.”

The personal growth story, while fiction, does have somewhat of a personal connection to Indyana.

“The three foxes are all siblings and I kind of view the three of them as different points of my relationship with my brother,” she said. “So that was perhaps the inspiration for the characters, but there really isn’t anything (biographical) about it.”

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