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The Unlikely Hero: The Story of Wolf 8

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The Young Readers’ Edition of Rick McIntyre’s The Rise of Wolf 8

Book 1 in the Chronicles of the Yellowstone Wolves series


For readers of Pax and A Wolf Called Wander comes the gripping true story of one of Yellowstone’s most famous wolves. In this easy to follow book, renowned wolf researcher Rick McIntyre and award-winning author David A. Poulsen join forces to tell the remarkable tale of Wolf 8 for kids!

Newly reintroduced along with his pack to Yellowstone National Park, Wolf 8 struggles at first. Small and often bullied by his siblings, he must learn to fend for himself in his new home. Soon enough, though, little 8 grows into one of Yellowstone’s greatest leaders.

Based on McIntyre’s own sightings of Wolf 8 and told in a thrilling style,
The Unlikely Hero is an unforgettable adventure—and a rare glimpse into the fascinating world of wolves.

The Chronicles of the Yellowstone Wolves Book Series!

Renowned wolf expert Rick McIntyre and award-winning author David A. Poulsen join forces to bring the stories of Yellowstone's most famous wolves to young readers. Based on McIntyre's award-winning, bestselling books for adult readers, and containing a wealth of scientifically sound information on wolf behavior, this series is written in an engaging style that brings the drama and intrigue of the wolves' world to life.

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