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The Science of Babies

Raincoast Books

Finally an inclusive, scientific and playful approach for young families that sensitively uses a nongendered language. For children ages 3.5 to 6 and older, it establishes that this topic, like all others, is safe and healthy to ask and talk about. As the first board book in this topic, it uses vibrant retro illustrations and a timeless appeal for generations to come.
The Science of Babies is the first board book that will help all parents start talking to their kids early about bodies, birth, and families in an inclusive and scientific way.

This fun and beautifully illustrated new board book is the perfect way to ease parents and their child into those important conversations before the subject becomes taboo. For young children, this topic is simply all about science and how the world really works! Knowing that makes starting early easier and will help parents to seamlessly continue the conversation with greater confidence and openness as children grow up.

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