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Survival Science Lab

outset media

Recommended for ages 8 to 12 years


Survival Science Lab is a fun way for children who have an interest in the outdoors to learn all about survival in a scientific way. Children can put their survival skills to the test and learn all kinds of cool new things with this awesome set.

The Survival Science set is all about STEM learning activities. Children are going to be making all kinds of cool survival equipment. This ranges from a water compass so that they can always find North, to a set of hand warmers to keep their fingers warm if they are in the deep dark woods at night! These are fun scientific experiments that they will be conducting and they will also be learning about survival too! It is the kind of thing that is a great deal of fun, but children are also learning as they go.

Included in the box is real scientific equipment. Also included is a booklet that will explain each task and give them the knowledge of why things work. It is very interesting stuff and children will love learning about how they can survive in the great outdoors. It may very well inspire them to become the next Bear Grylls!


  • Teach your kids to survive in the great outdoors! Make your own compass, filtration system and solar oven.
  • The Science To The Max Survival Science Lab is an 18-piece, STEM-based, science kit that comes with scientific equipment and an instruction booklet.
  • Kids can use the included materials while following the instructions booklet and conduct fun survival hack experiments that include creating DIY hand warmers and so much more!
  • The booklet also explains the science behind each experiment.
  • Kids can refer to the included booklet as they conduct their experiments.
  • Discover the science and fun behind ice and snow through fun experiments.
  • Helps children learn science using the STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) concept.
Survival Science Lab

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