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Puberty: Coming to a body near you (Workbook)

Kerri Isham

Puberty: Coming to a body near you (Workbook)
Written by Kerri Isham

For: Children in Grades 3-7 (Ages 7-12)

When parents and caregivers talk openly and honestly about sexuality, children will have the comfort, knowledge and support they need to achieve healthy sexual lives.

 Puberty can be a scary and challenging time. As a parent/guardian, you have the unique opportunity to make puberty an exciting right of passage for your child/children.

 With fun, meaningful and hands-on activities, our children can learn to be open and confident with these sensitive topics.

 This workbook is entertaining, engaging and informative. Be prepared to laugh!

- self-published by a local author 

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Find all her other writing here on her website https://www.powerupeducation.com/

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