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Hello, Rain!

Raincoast Books

A picture book celebrating all the reasons to love the rain! Flowers bloom in the garden. Umbrellas bloom on the streets. There are puddles for jumping and, later, a cozy home for hot chocolate and books.

  • The ultimate rainy day read!
  • Full of bright, eye-catching illustrations
  • From international acclaimed writer Kyo Maclear and printmaker Chris Turnham

The air is full of waiting. The sky is full of breeze. The trees gust and billow. All before it rains.
Rumble, rumble. Distant thunder. Rain is coming, rain is coming.

No matter what kind of weather you prefer, Hello, Rain! is a great reminder of the natural beauty all around us.

  • Children's books for kids age 3-5
  • Great read aloud picture book
  • Ideal for nature lovers

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