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Crummy Conversations: How to talk to kids about Death, Divorce, Diagnosis, Disaster and Departure

Michelle Surteez


We can’t prevent our children from going through difficult life experiences. Sometimes the cookie crumbles, and we are left trying to clean up the metaphorical mess. How do we show up for our children during these times and talk about what is happening? Crummy Conversations offers the Courage to Communicate Model, a practical and effective guide for talking with children about life’s 5 Big D’s: Death, Divorce, Diagnosis, Departure, and Disaster.  Using humor and real-life situations, Surtees writes for everyday parents, educators, and professionals trying to do their best on the hardest days. Crummy Conversations will help both you and your child feel safe and secure in your relationship while you process, understand, and embrace a major life change. It is a judgement-free read that helps adults feel seen and supported while doing their best to be tough cookies for the children they care about. 

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