Children’s Clothes, Swimsuits, and Apparel

We carry a wide range of clothing items, many of them made right here in the Comox Valley. We are very careful to only carry very high quality, durable, washable pieces. We know you want your children to look cute without having to ‘hand wash’ everything 🙂

On top of these major six clothing lines listed below, we also carry aprons made in Victoria, a collection of locally made baby shoes, hair ties, fingerless gloves and more! Comes see what we have today!

Featured Brands

Nautical Nerys

Made just down the road, these hoodies, leggings, toques and dresses are incredibly well made, with great ever-changing fabrics that wash and wear very well indeed.

Stripes Gear

Made right here in Cumberland, these bright not-to-be-missed base layers are a very popular item through most of the year. Tops, Pants, Touque and Gloves to match!

Wee Woolies

Made in Victoria BC using high quality New Zealand Merino. We carry their PJ/Base layer sets, Sleepers, Sleep Sacks, toques, scarves and vests. These are incredibly popular with all the children who locally participate in outdoor programs for both pre-school and elementary school. Breathable, bright and durable. We just can’t get enough of this Merino!


Brand new to us this year, this high end Finnish rain and sun gear is bound to prove very popular. Known for durability and longevity, these pieces are something you can pass on through not one but several children.

Rain People

Made right here in the Comox Valley, this lovely little outfit make us linen bonnets in the summer and wool caps in the winter. Simple in design and deeply beautiful and timeless.

Napping Wolf & Co.

Made in Nanaimo these are some of the most unique bonnets you ever will see; Wolves, Unicorns and Bunnies! You really have to see them to believe them. Each as unique as the lovely mama that makes them.

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